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Lateral Puzzles » Active Lateral Thinking Puzzles » Lateral Limbo - Puzzles Neglected by Hosts will stay here until the Host returns and answers pending questions or posts either a Recap or a Hint. Otherwise the puzzle will be deleted after 3 months of neglect. « Previous Next »

The puzzles in here have been placed in Lateral Limbo - for one reason or another, they were abandoned by their hosts, and have been moved here to save space on the main board.

If you are a host, and you have puzzle here, please post answers to any outstanding questions, post a recap and or compose a hint and mention in the chatroom that you've done so, and your puzzle will be restored.

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[Jondahr] Caught in the 22ndPeter365 18 1-24-14  11:39 am
[Jondahr] Technological voodooPeter365 34 1-24-14  11:41 am
[Jondahr] (the emoticon is the puzzle!)Peter365 22 2-03-14  10:41 am
[Yojimbo] another NW puzzlePeter365 96 2-03-14  10:41 am
[Wefigure] Time WarpPeter365 14 2-03-14  10:42 am
[IrishElk] Tiny Town {Versponse}Irishelk 6-29-14  10:13 pm
[IriskElk] Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle (Camouflaged Rulebreaker)...Irishelk 13 6-29-14  10:16 pm
[IrishElk] The Old ApartmentIrishelk 6-29-14  10:22 pm
[Simo] Unusual Job!Peter365 13 4-08-14  3:57 pm
[Ai Mori] The BetPeter365 6-09-14  11:09 am
[Ai Mori] Schrodinger's cat walks into the bar......Peter365 13 7-14-14  1:22 pm
[Ai Mori] HamburgersPeter365 6-09-14  11:09 am
[Ai Mori] A dogPeter365 6-09-14  11:08 am
[gregoryuconn] A Native PuzzleSolo1 6-11-14  4:40 pm
[gregoryuconn] We're Not That RacistGregoryuconn 4-10-14  1:59 am
[gregoryuconn] March Madness PuzzleStuccosalt 23 6-11-14  3:24 pm
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